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Frequently Asked Questions from Property Owners in the Durham Region

The team at Cross Brothers Tree Service Ltd. is committed to giving you the information you need to make the best decisions regarding your property. After serving clients throughout the Durham Region for over 42 years, we have encountered many reoccurring situations regarding tree removal and trimming. Here are some answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Q1: Is tree pruning and removal a complicated process?

A1: The exact removal and pruning process varies depending on the overall condition, size and location of your tree. For the majority of pruning projects, our team will use climbing gear and rigging to access even the most hard-to-find branches and safely trim them. For large removal projects, we will utilize cranes and a 65-ft heavy-duty bucket truck that can handle even the largest trees.


Q2: How does stump grinding work?

A2: Similar to an iceberg, there is actually much more to a tree that is below the surface. Large trees can have root systems that can stretch for meters underneath the grown, even under buildings. If you were to remove a stump by pulling it from the ground, the unintended side effect will be pulling all the connect roots as well. This can cause excess damage to your property and create even more work for you. As an alternative, through process of stump grinding we use a large machine to grind stump into smaller, easily removable wood chips.


Q3: Is it possible to make my tree smaller without harming it?

A3: While it can be very tempting to simply rev up a chainsaw and remove the top of your tree, we highly advise against this. The top portion of the tree consists of live growth and removing it can negatively affect the overall health of the tree. We can perform an inspection and identify any areas of structural defects and decay, which we can safely remove through a process called “crown reduction”. The end result will be a smaller tree that retains its health.


Q4: Does tree removal require a permit?

A4: No. Currently there is not a permit required to remove trees from your property in the Durham Region.


Q5: What time of the year is best for fertilizing?

A5: Technically, tree fertilization requires only that the surrounding ground be thawed so that the nutrients can be absorbed. While this period commonly lasts from April to October, we try to avoid fertilization late in the summer months. This forces new growth that will not have time to grow strong enough to survive during the winter.


Q6: If it is winter, do I have to wait until spring to have my trees pruned and trimmed?

A6: Nope! While the idea of doing outdoor working during the winter months sounds odd, the lack of leaves makes the structure of the tree much more accessible. Pruning during winter also has the added benefit of reducing your tree’s exposure to diseases. These harmful illnesses are mostly dormant at this time,

meaning that the only time for exposure will be until the new growing period in the spring.


Q7: I think a tree on my property is sick. What should I do?

A7: Contact us to schedule a consultation. We will examine the tree to determine if a disease or an insect infestation is having a negative effect on its health. If caught early enough, we can often remove the affected portions of the tree and leave the healthy sections to grown again.


Q8: Is there more than one type of arborist report?

A8: Yes. Arborist reports can be divided into four categories. Tree inventories will report the number, location, condition and species of every tree on your lot. Tree assessments are often requested by municipal authorities when you want to remove a tree and contain information about the species, size and overall health. Tree valuations are required during insurance claims and court cases involving the value of specific trees. Tree preservation plans are often required by municipalities before they issue a permit for a new construction or land development project.


Q9: Can I get a free estimate from Cross Brothers Tree Service Ltd.?

A9: Yes you can! Get in touch with our team to discuss all your tree removal plans and we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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